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Leading design on ASOS acquisition of Topshop, Topman & Miss Selfridge.

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ASOS, London HQ


Digital Designer


Feb 2021


Lead design development of tier 1 campaign to successfully launch recently acquired brands at ASOS. Increase sales of brands and drive new customer growth through engaging paid media campaign across social channels including TikTok, Youtube, FB, IG.


Figma, CC, AE


Sales Indexing 220% (YOY) on acquired brands.

Highest ever performing revenue day on ASOS outside of Black Friday during the initial launch of campaign.

Topshop in top search terms on ASOS.

In-house role with ASOS Digital Design team. Responsible for ideation creation and execution of campaign communicating brand acquisitions. Focusing on the iconic denim styles of Topshop/Topman but bringing new life to the brands with an engaging energetic creative. I worked on scamps created for motion design playbook hand-off to Byte agency who executed campaign. Attended daily stand ups with Byte representing ASOS from brand side and ensuring consistent campaign execution across all channels. 3 stages of launch designed and developed in 2 weeks. Presenting work to key stakeholders throughout the process in large sign off meetings as well as daily stand ups.

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Sizzle reel wrap-up of project

My design solution for the campaign focused on strong branding across channels, oversized supers and nailing best practice criteria for Youtube Trueview and other ad formats.

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Introduce the ASOS customer to our new brand acquisitions.

Appeal to existing and new brand lovers.

Drive traffic and awareness to asos as the new home of Topshop topman.

Ensure brand equity of 330m purchase launches with a bang.


Core focus was to drive traffic and revenue through paid media marketing channels so I had to understand goals of marketing and trade teams.

Worked directly with Product Owner of our Ecommerce platform to ensure new brands homepages were delivered and built while working with a small team on NDA.

Also worked directly with external agency delivering design toolkit for clear handover to deliver videos across channels.

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Empathising with fashion loving 20 somethings living a busy media saturated life. What will engage excite and make you click through, drawing on a wealth of knowledge of paid campaign best practice to increase performance metrics.

Discount vs branding and lifestyle driven considerations.

Meeting with Google partners and YouTube Creative Lab Director. Using learnings of practice for ads and creating iterations for continous testing is key to success of campaign.

Research. Moodboard. Sketch. Ideation.

Scamps created in 4hrs morning work. Led the entire design direction and execution of marketing campaign.

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Consolidating messaging into first 5 seconds. Using animation to capture the essence of ASOS as a parent brand while still promoting the new brand acquisitions.

NDA meant that we had limited capacity.

Different needs from different stakeholders. Strong branding from marketing and creative team. Strong conversions from paid media and trade teams.

Design knowledge and previous tests to guide this part of the design process and overcome mentioned problems. I led design check-ins and stand ups each morning for a 3 week period. Continuously presenting to stakeholders throughout the process.

Paid social ads created working with Byte agency


Sales Indexing 220% (YOY) on acquired brands.

Highest ever performing revenue day on ASOS outside of Black Friday during the initial launch of campaign.

Topshop in top search terms on ASOS.

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