ASOS 2020


In-house designer shaping 2020 graphic look and feel. Core focus of project involved designing 6 CRM template franchises for 50mil+ monthly sends.

ASOS New Season Branding
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Digital Designer


Sept 2020


Increase CTR, CR, ATB through increasing customer value when engaging with ASOS via CRM channels.


TBC, templates developed with support of tech team with variants of components launched Feb 2021 for testing.


Figma, CC, HTML CSS, Useberry

Leading redesign of ASOS CRM templates. Design thinking process with testing and design iterations focused on empathising with customer needs. What does it mean to read an email from your favourite brand in 2020?

Strong focus on UX principles in template redesign and balancing branding, creativity and automated efficiency of templates. Exploration of CSS sprite sheet animation and other ways to bring animated content to customers without impacting load speed / delivery.

Presenting prototypes in senior management sign-offs
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Strong design system and modularised components designed for templates, hand-off to developers using Figma.

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On top of CRM templates, all new season creative compositions / collages created by myself working with Retouch and Creative.

Creative collages
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Creative collages
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My response to 1 day brief to explore homepage sale component design within limitations of current build. Blue Skies added as a bonus to inspire stakeholders.

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Short term solution Route 2 - Sale Logo. Longer term, Route 3 CSS Animation. Tests ongoing. Successfully inspired with Blue Skies component.

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